Italian Food Myths

Published: 01st February 2011
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Lets first begin with Italian dressing. There is no such thing in Italy. In fact, Italians do not use any type of bottled or pre-made dressing on their salads. A simple coating of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a little bit of salt and pepper is all that is used to top salads. When ordering salad out at a restaurant in Italy, you will be supplied with an oil and vinegar set to dress the greens yourself.

The tomato, now considered a staple in Italian cuisine, was long thought to be poisonous, partly because it is related to the deadly nightshade plant. Other Europeans found it to be palatable long before the first Italian cook simmered some down to make tomato sauce.

If you are totally new to cooking Italian food, you may need to have a few special tools in your kitchen to be able to prepare all of the recipes. An espresso machine is important if you like that after dinner cup. A garlic press, cheese grater, and pasta press will make cooking easier. For serving you will want a carafe for oil and vinegar, some fun serving ware, and a corkscrew for the wine.

Pasta helps create healthy Italian food because it cuts down on the amount of fat in the meal. If the meal is largely pasta, you will have no problem staying below the 30% of calories coming from fat. Of course this assumes that you are staying away from cream and cheese based sauces like Alfredo, and sticking to tomato sauce. Even most meat sauces are ok to eat. This is also true for saturated fat, again assuming that you stay away from the cream and cheese based sauces. So ordering an order of spaghetti with tomato sauce is much healthier than other alternatives.

Italy has its reputation through a lot of things, from sports cars and interior design, but for all that Italian cuisine has earned a nationally renowned. Of course, Italian national football team won the 2006 World Cup, but Italian cuisine continues to win the hearts of millions of people every day. It was observed that Italian cuisine is the most popular type of food when it comes to eating out. This is not just in Italy moderately the world at large is tending towards Italian food for diverse reasons.

It seems lately that among the health food circles Italian food has been given a bad reputation. With the advent of Atkins many former Italian food fans have steered clear of the food because of the pasta that is being used. However, the idea that pastas going to make you fat is pretty much unfounded. A diet of Italian food, especially from the Mediterranean areas is actually very healthy and will keep you looking and feeling great as long as you know which Italian foods to eat and how to prepare them.

But before you actually go to the restaurant, make sure you research what wine will go best will the Italian food you're ordering. You can find out online and then when you get to the restaurant you can ask the server, that's what they're there for. But you do want to be sure that they don't just recommend the most expensive wine on the list, so you do need to know a bit about it before you go.

There are very few things in life that can be categorized as fan favorites quite like Italian food can, and if you are a fan you are a fan for life. A shift in cultural attention has brought this fine food to many other parts of the world, that otherwise would not have had the pleasure of knowing what Italian food actually tastes like. Many smaller countries worldwide, have now experienced what a great spaghetti dinner or divine lasagna actually tastes like. From this point on, there is no turning back, and you are now seeing Italian restaurants popping up in locations that were otherwise unlikely before. Even places such as the Middle East are experiencing this Italian food frenzy, and conveniently enough many of the fine Italian foods that we are so familiar with actually had a helping hand from regions in the Middle East.

Every town has their own Italian food restaurants that are popular. Some Italian establishments are owned by family and some are chains. Check them out and try the different types of Italian cuisine and you will soon find your favourite.

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